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RAF Wix.jpg

The most awarded Chilean movie in 2022.

A story of love, pandemic and social distance.

SMDC Wix.jpg

Award winning extended version of the acclaimed Chilean movie

El Destello de la Luna.

EDLL Wix.jpg

Acclaimed screen adaptation of Chilean play 'Moon, you are my Sun'.

Pelicano Wix.jpg

The awarded film adaptation of classical homonymous by Swedish writer August Strindberg.

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Hi, my name is Gustavo Letelier, CEO of Amerindia Films, the award winning arthouse film production house in Chile.

After diving in the international distribution arena over the years -  we made and released films - and we realized that new technologies make possible a direct connection between the artists behind movies and the audiences that enjoy them. 

We created Amerindiaflix with this precise goal: let the filmmaker benefit from this opportunity established by virtual screenings and social networks.

It should be the artists - not the intermediaries - who most benefit from the commercial release of any indie film.


If you want to learn more or partner with us feel free to email:

Or write to our headquarters address:
José Miguel de la Barra 450 #81
Santiago, RM, Chile
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